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It's coming...

The Cash Race is back on the 13th February 2019 with lots of cash to giveaway.


 Congratulations you're IN! Check your Cash Race progress below.
The more points you get, the higher the targets you hit and the more cash you win!

Target 1
Target 2
Target 3
BONUS Target 4 £550

23,860 Points to next cash prize

23,860 Your total points

Points Boosts Available


Unfortunately the Cash Race is currently unavailable to you.
Please check the below reasons why this may be:
- Having joined Betfair before the 00:00:01 - 01/02/2019.
- You have chosen the BASIC plan as part of the Exchange pricing promotion.
- The country where your account is registered is ineligible.
- Customers who self-exclude.
- Customers who take a Betfair Holiday at anytime in the month prior to the Cash Race commencing.
- Customers who close and reopen their accounts 60 days prior to the Cash Race starting will be unable to join the Cash Race. Paddy Power/Betfair employees and Premium Account holders are unable to take part in the Cash Race.

Please be aware prizes will be paid within 24 hrs of the campaign ending.

Cash Race will be back soon so watch this space!

Terms and Conditions

Can I take part?

This promotion is only available to customers whose accounts are registered in eligible countries as per Exchange regulatory rules.

What do I need to do to earn my cash prize?

You must first opt into the promotion by logging in to the Cash Race site.

Once you’ve opted in, all the Betfair Points you earn through placing Exchange and Tote bets between 00:00:01 13/02/2019 - 23:59:59 GMT 10/03/2019 (even those you might have placed before opting in) will qualify for this promotion and contribute to your progress towards a cash prize.

By opting into this promotion you are agreeing to be contacted with regards to this offer.

How do I earn Points?

You need to earn Betfair Points by betting on the Exchange and Tote between 00:00:01 13/02/2019 - 23:59:59 GMT 10/03/2019

Premium account holders are unable to take part in the Cash Race.

Bets must be settled before the end of promotion for those points to count.

You also need to ensure that you log into the promotional site during the Promotional Period at least once to ensure that you are eligible to win a cash prize.

Once you log in for the first time during the promotional period, any Points you have earned since the start of the promotional period will added to your total.

Customers who self-exclude and re-join after the 01/02/2019 will not be included but will be added to future Cash Races.

Betfair Points earned on any other product except the Exchange and Tote do not count towards your Cash Race Points total. If you are using a Betfair Holiday at any point during this promotion or 30 days prior to the campaign starting, your Betfair Points will not be included.